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ARRIVING NOV.. Enamel Motoring Signs
SOLD Musgo sign
SOLD Gulf round sign
SOLD Gulf square sign
SOLD Exide sign
SOLD Globe sign.
SOLD Esso oval sign
SOLD,,Texaco round sign.

ARRIVING NOVEMBER.  2 Large Antique Spelter Figures.
2 Quality Antique Spelter Figures of Larger Proportions.
65cm and 75cm high.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER.  Antique Mahogany Console Table.
A Stunning Mid C19th Antique Mahogany Console Table. This is high end Victorian furniture and does not get much better.
155cm wide x 56cm deep x 132cm high.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER.  C19th Antique 2 BottleTantalus
C19th Antique Cut Glass 2 Bottle Tantalus in Silver Plated Stand.
28cm high x 23cm wide x 12cm deep
ARRIVING NOVEMBER.  C19th Cast Iron Fire Fender, #
A Lovely Antique Cast Iron & Brass Fire Fender, Rare with the dogs mounted on the ends.
Great Size 90cm long x 20cm high..
ARRIVING NOVEMBER.  C20th French Vitrine.
A C20th Small French Single Door Vitrine.
71cm wide x 36cm deep x 142cm high
ARRIVING NOVEMBER.  Ipswich Oak Coffer on Stand. #
Wonderful Quality Early C20th Ipswich Oak Coffer on Stand.
110cm wide x 46cm deep x 82cm high
ARRIVING NOVEMBER.  Morris-Commercial Advertising Sign#
Morris-Commercial Enamel Advertising Sign.
75cm wide x 48cm high.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER.  Pepsi Cola Tin Advertising Sign #
A Genuine Embossed Pepsi Cola Cap Tin Advertising Sign.
47cm dia.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. 1920`s Castrol Motor Oil Advertising Sign #
1920`s Castrol Motor Oil Advertising Sign, In wonderful original condition.
76cm wide x 51cm high.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Alfa Romeo Advertising Lightbox #
A Genuine Dealers Alfa Romeo Advertising Lightbox.
125cm wide x 27cm high x 12cm deep.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Antique Breakfront Book Case.
Antique 4 Door Breakfront Book Case. Nice original example,
220cm high x 180 cm wide x 52cm deep.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Antique Miniature Long Case Clock
A Wonderful Example of a Antique Miniature Long Case Clock.. 43cm high.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Antique Music Parlor Cabinet
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Antique Inlaid Music Parlor Cabinet. In lovely original condition.
56cm wide x43cm deep x 162cm high.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Antique National Cash Register
Antique National Crank Handle Cash Register . In original condition.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Brioline Brioflux Advertising Sign#
Embossed Brioline Brioflux Pictorial Advertising Sign
La Bonne Peinture A L'Huile .
35cm x 49cm
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Chrysler Acrylic Advertising Sign #
Large Chrysler Acrylic Advertising Sign. In very nice original condition.
1.8mt wide.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Chubb & Son Metal Safe + Cabinet.
Antique Chubb & Son Metal Safe and Original Walnut Single Door Cabinet.
Cabinet size 56cm x 54cm x 112cm high.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Dunlop Tyres  Vertical Advertising Sign#
A Very Original Dunlop Tyres Vertical Strip Advertising Sign, In very nice condition.
31cm wide x 153cm high.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Goodyear Advertising  Lightbox Sign #
Genuine Goodyear Lozenge Shape Advertising Lightbox Sign'
100cm wide x 61cm high.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Hotchkiss Service Double Enamel Advertising Sign #
A Stunning Round Hotchkiss Service Double Sided Enamel Advertising Sign .
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Huiles Renault Service Advertising Sign #
Genuine French Round Huiles Renault Service Tin Advertising Sign ..
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Jaz Clock Enamel Advertising Sign #
Wonderful Art Deco Jaz Clock Enamel Double Sided Post Mount Advertising Sign
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Leather Bound Drinks Cabinet On Stand
Early C20th Leather Bound 2 Door Drinks Cabinet.
147cm high x 80cm wide 49cm deep.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Mc Cormick International Enamel Advertising Sign #
A Very Nice Lozenge Shape Mc Cormick International Enamel Advertising Sign ,, Wonderful Condition..
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Mobil Double Sided Enamel Advertising Sign #
A Very Large Mobil Double Sided Enamel Advertising Sign
2.25mt wide.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Moskwitsch Service Advertising Sign#
A Great Moskwitsch Service Enamel Advertising Sign, Lovely Condition.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Moto Guzzi Servizio Advertising Sign#
A Rare Double Sided Post Mount Moto Guzzi Servizio ( SERVICE ) Advertising Sign in Metal Frame.
80cm wide x 68cm high.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Negronoir Cafe Exouis Advertising Sign #
A Small Negronoir Cafe Exouis Embossed Tin Pictorial Advertising Sign
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Oak 2 Drawer Canteen and Table.
Earl C20th Oak 2 Drawer Canteen and Table.
79cm high x 72cm wide x 47cm deep.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Pair of Antique Satsuma Vases.
Pair of Antique Late C19th Early C20th Satsuma Vases.
47cm high x 26cm dia.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Pieter Schoen Verf-lak Advertising Sign#
Pieter Schoen Verf-lak Pictorial Plastic Paint Brush Advertising Sign.
46cm x 100cm,
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Rare Citroen Enamel Sign
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Ripolin-Express Double Enamel Sign #
Ripolin-Express Couleurs & Vernis Double Sided Post Mount Enamel Advertising Sign
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Scories Potassiques Scoralsace Enamel Sign,#
A Oval Scories Potassiques Scoralsace Fertilizer Pictorial Enamel Advertising Sign.
70cm high.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Stella Artois Tin Advertising Sign.#
Stella Artois La Premiere Des Bieres Belges Tin Cap Advertising Sign.
47cm dia.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Themis Manual Petrol Pump
Extremely Rare Themis Deluxe 4 Cylinder Double Clock Face Manual Petrol Pump in Original Unrestored Condition. This is one of the rarest pump we have had the pleasure of acquiring .
A Portable Triple Pump Oil Cart in Original Condition and Ready for Restoration.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER.Aladdin Pink Paraffin Advertising Sign#
Aladdin Pink Paraffin Double Side Post Mount Advertising Sign,, 53cm wide x 36cm high.
Original Antique Metal Safe.
46cm x 46cm x 64cm high.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER.Michelin Shield Enamel Advertising Sign#
A Rare Michelin Shield Enamel Advertising Sign, In lovely condition.
53cm x 77cm
ARRIVING NOVEMBER.Michelin Tyres Enamel Advertising Sign
A Early and Rare English Michelin Tyres Enamel Pictorial Advertising Sign.. Comes with a couple of holes but still a decent sign.
146cm wide x 41cm high.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER.Pair Of Philips Enamel Advertising Sign
Pair Of Very Nice Philips Vertical Strip Enamel Advertising Sign, Approx 150cm high.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER.Petrogaz Distributeur Enamel Advertising Sign#
Petrogaz Distributeur Double Sided Post Mount Enamel Advertising Sign.
60cm x 40cm
ARRIVING NOVEMBER.Rue De Paris Tin Street Advertising Sign #
A Rare Rue De Paris Tin Street Advertising Sign.
40cm x 30cm.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER.Shell And BP Enamel Advertising Sign#
Shell-Mex And BP Enamel Advertising Sign..
176cm wide x 76cm high.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER.Shell Butagaz Enamel Advertising Sign#
A Double Sided Post Mount Shell Butagaz Enamel Advertising Sign.
67cm x 33cm
ARRIVING NOVEMBER.Shell Huiles Enamel Advertising Sign#
A Double Sided Post Mount Shell Huiles Enamel Advertising Sign.
59cm x 45cm.
ARRIVING NOV.  Michelin Trolley Compressor.
ARRIVING NOV. Michelin Trolley Compressor, has been on display in a Dutch museum for the past 25 years.. Wonderful example.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER.  Castrol Double Advertising Sign#
DIe Cut Castrol Double Sided Spinning Tin Advertising Sign. 50cm x60cm.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Castrollo Upper Cylinder Lubricant
A Rare Castrollo Upper Cylinder Lubricant Dispensing Wall Cabinet with 2 Good Enamel Signs..
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Esso- Essolube Enamel Advertising Sign#
Large Esso-Essolube Enamel Advertising Sign, Rare + unusual sign.. Dated 1935.
183cm wide x 122cm high.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Gargoyle Mobiloil Enamel Advertising Sign #
Rare Red Gargoyle Mobiloil Enamel Advertising Sign ..
This is the one to have.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. John Deere Enamel Advertising Sign #
A Lovely Example of a John Deere Double Sided Enamel Advertising Sign
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Satam Chariot Petrol Pump
A Wonderful Original Satam Chariot Petrol Pump.. They dont get much better that this..
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Shell Enamel Advertising Sign #
Large Shell Enamel Advertising Sign in the Red and White Colours. 2mt wide..
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Shell From the Pump Enamel Advertising Sign #
A Great and Early Example of a Shell From the Pump Enamel Advertising Sign.
122cm square.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Shell Motor Spirit Double Side Enamel Advertising Sign#
Shell Motor Spirit Double Side Enamel Advertising Sign, Missing Flange.
54cm x wide x 33cm high.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Shell Oils Double side Post-Mount Enamel Advertising Sign #
Rare and Early Shell Oils Double side Post-Mount Enamel Advertising Sign. Rare with the early black Shell pictorial can.. Has had some restoration.
61cm wide x 52cm high.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER.Smith's Quick Test Enamel Advertising Sign#
Smith's Quick Test Enamel Advertising Sign..
91cm wide x 56cm high.